Bullet Code(1940)

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Bullet Code

分类:西部  美国  1940 1940英语


导演:David Howard


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Plot Summary:Rancher Steve Condon, in a fight with rustlers is led to believe he has killed one of his own cowhands, Bud Mathews. Actually it was a bullet from the rustler leader, Cass Clantine, that brought Mathews down. Repentant, Steve, with his pal, Pop Norton, leaves for Encintas, where Bud's family lives. Arriving there, he learns that cowhands don't stay long at the Mathews Ranch, the Cicrle M. Steve and Pop meet John Mathews and his daughter Molly and are hired as punchers. Steve decides to postpone his disclosure that he killed Bud. Cass and Scar Atwood arrive in town and join forces with rancher Sam Gorman who is secretly trying to gain control of the Circle M. Gorman sends them out to get jobs on the ranch, and they recognize Steve although he hadn't seen them in the earlier gunfight. Steve finds that a rustled herd of cattle has been driven across the Mathews property, which is right on the border, into Mexico. He suspects that Gorman is the man behind the mystery, Returning to the ranch, he finds Cass and Scar annoying Molly and, in the ensuing fight, Scar denounces Steve as the man who killed Molly's brother. Before Steve can explain, Mathews orders him off the ranch. Later, Cass and Scar quarrel and Cass shoots Scar. Steve makes Scar think he is dying and Scar confesses everything to Steve, Pop and Sheriff Ware. Meanwhile, Gorman and his gang head for the Mathews ranch to force the old man to sign over his property.


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