Pluto and the Imp(1900)

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Plot Summary:Pluto appears before the gates of the Infernal Palace, and, sending for his Imp, commands him to bring the Book of Fates. A Mortal then appears upon the scene and Pluto demands him to sign the Book of Fates. The Mortal takes the pen and as he writes upon the book, smoke is seen to arise from the pages (a fine mystery effect). The Imp then commands the Mortal to enter the gates of the Infernal Palace, the Mortal refuses and a duel with swords ensues. The Imp succeeds in killing the Mortal, then proceeds to dismember the body. First a leg, then an arm, then the head and finally the whole body of the Mortal is thrown through the body of Pluto within the gates. The Imp steps to the foreground of the picture and running toward his Master, Pluto, dives through his body and disappears within the gates. A remarkably fine mysterious picture, creating much amusement to an audience.


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